Eduardo Gil


A Poetical Work of Indistinction

Paula Bertúa

El Borda - Eduardo Gil. ArtexArte Editions. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2023

In Valeria Luiselli's novel Lost Children Archive, the protagonist discovers a unique form of photography in the portraits and landscapes of American photographer Emmet Gowin. It involves a sustained exercise of an extended gaze, positioned between approach and delay, that transforms everyday observation into an experience.

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Argentina between brackets (argentina)

Eduardo Stupía

Colección Fotógrafos Argentinos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015

Eduardo Gil puts Argentina between brackets. Perhaps that is his way of suggesting that it is not a question of imposing a single, definitive vision...

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La Grande Patria in Lower Case
Eduardo Gil photographies in (argentina)

David William Foster

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, North Carolina, EEUU. 2007

"Los hombres que están solos ya no esperan" (Eduardo Gil)

"Argentina es Primer Mundo" (Argentina is in/belongs to the First World) was the oft-repeated phrase, both as an assertion of proud accomplishment and as a parody of presumption...

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The participant, the witness, the artist.
Imágenes de la Ausencia

Ana Longoni

Ed. Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014

One rainy Saturday in May 2013 saw the opening in the Parque de la Memoria (Memory Park) in Buenos Aires of the exhibition "El Siluetazo desde la mirada de Eduardo Gil,"...

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"Eduardo Gil: portraits that feel like landscapes"

Marjan Groothuis

Buenos Aires Herald, Art on Sunday, August 6, 2006

Eduardo Gil's exhibition titled 'Paisajes' although he doesn't present landscapes in the traditional sense, on the contrary. Maybe, 'Portraits' would have been more apt but his images, although focusing on faces, are a lot more than that...

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Eduardo Gil hits twice

Gabriela Liffschitz

Radar - Diario Página 12, Buenos Airees 27 de ocubre 2002
Chasqui - Revista de literatura latinoamericana. Arizona State University, Tempe, EEUU, mayo 2003

Today more than ever, Argentina is a reflection that includes the most varied procedures - intellectual, aesthetic, concrete-, just as impassioned as profoundly dispassionate...

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